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Last year, Elgort appeared in the music video for Dua Lipa's "Be the One" to scream a bit, run down a deserted road, and eventually stand in awe of the singer's majesty. That's probably what's happening literally right now at the show. Watch the video below. Meg Pokrass is the queen of flash fiction.

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At her best, Meg has the uncanny ability to make you feel you've read a complete novel or memoir in a few hundred words. Some of her stories seem too lightweight to matter, but more often she nails an emotion, a mood, a character flaw, even a life, with startling pinpoint accuracy. Her stories "begin in the middle," as a character tal Meg Pokrass is the queen of flash fiction. Her stories "begin in the middle," as a character talking to the reader, and go places you'd never expect. She makes other flash fiction writers look like gimmicky showoffs, displaying their cleverness on their sleeves.

Meg never does that. Her best stories go straight to the heart and stay there. The only reason I gave Damn Sure Right four rather than five stars is that they all read like variations on the same character's life. This isn't necessarily bad; it can convey a richness absent in story collections that jump about among characters the writer is at pains to distinguish from one another.

The only problem with Pokrass' method is it makes it difficult to read more than a few stories at a sitting. They tend to collapse into one another. Damn Sure Right can sometimes feel like too much of a good thing. Who is this character? She's invariably female, from young mid-teens to that period in life between youth and middle age that has no definition - not quite young any more thirtiesish, one might say.

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She's a woman who often obsesses about her weight, sometimes lives with family members she finds difficult but for whom she feels affection, is always meeting men who come close to her ideal but somehow miss, either because they don't live up to the character's expectations or because the men themselves are flighty. Pokrass' everywoman has a tendency to fall back on pizza and pasta when things don't quite work out in romance, which is always.

Sometimes this character is married, but that doesn't help.

She finds her husband boring and tends to lust after the pizza delivery guy or the air conditioner repairman. Pokrass' protagonist can be summed up as forever hopeful even though she's sure nothing's going to work out.

Suspend Your Disbelief

Meg Pokrass teaches flash fiction on the Internet. I told her I'd take her course, and I intend to as soon as my own financial difficulties abate - much like a Meg Pokrass character.

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I know I can learn a great deal from her. Still, I'd like it to be a little bit two-way. I'd like to be able to coach Meg on how to broaden her range of characters.

She seems to center everything she writes on some variation of herself. We all do that. But in her case that character functions in a very narrow range.

Not that I think I can teach anything to a writer as accomplished as Meg Pokrass. Still, it might be fun to try Feb 26, Peter rated it it was amazing. I just finished reading "Damn Sure Right," by Meg Pokrass--as is my habit, drawn from a tottering column of books on my night table, including something by Shirley Jackson and an abridged version of Robert Burton's "Anatomy of Melancholy.

Dec 05, Leesa rated it it was amazing. May 28, Kathryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: short-stories , contemporary-fiction. Amazing little stories. The writing is inspiring, and inspired. These flash pieces will draw you in with an image, make you laugh with a turn of phrase, and then rip your heart out with a killer last line. Like really good dark chocolate, they're best savored in small bites, but I dare you to take just one.

Oct 24, Barton Smock rated it really liked it. I've heard it leveled at, or lobbed in the vicinity of, flash fiction that anyone can do it.

Burst of Inspiration: A Flash Interview with Meg Pokrass

Pokrass makes one think that only one person can do it, and that the person in question, is. Jul 22, Ann Bogle rated it it was amazing. See my review at Books at Fictionaut, Sep 11, Tobin Terry rated it it was amazing. I really dig this book. Press 53 is pretty solid.


Jun 05, Patricia Murphy rated it it was amazing Shelves: stories. There is a lot to learn from here--some very tight endings.

Suspend Your Disbelief

Subtle details of character that do a lot of work. May 08, Mark Swanson rated it it was amazing. This book is perfect. This collection of eighty-four tales is sure to "ruin your waking hours the way you'll want them ruined" Kyle Minor. Specifications Publisher Press Customer Reviews.

Stephen Jones: Cowboys 'damn sure' won't set market on new deals

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