Judas, the Son

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Maybe people like me are just meant for once in a whiles, superficial talks, and circumstantial friendship. Do you ever think of me?

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Because I still think of you sometimes. But, so it goes I guess. How I wept nearly throughout the film and how you held me? Or the shame. For still missing my soul mate. And for still thinking that the way things are right now is so, so, wrong. I asked if you still missed me. Unlike you, who could press a button and have the satisfaction of knowing my heart and mind still revolve around you. You cried when I told you about my childhood. I guess words were always just words for you. I guess I never really knew who or what it was that I fell inlove with. So, do you think of me?

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Do you still care? Because I think of you everytime I see an airplane, and think about the one I was supposed to be on with you. The one you took him on instead, not even a month after we talked about it. When you saw the sand and the beach, did you realize that the last time you were on a beach with him, it was my arms you wished you were in? When he looks at you, is it how I did? Remember saying that? When you see the moon, do you think of me?

Do you remember what it felt like to be my moon in broad daylight? But I least I loved you truly enough to not be ashamed to tell you that I still love and miss you today. Log in Sign up. They were all around me when the sun was shining. When it got dark I saw who really was with me. I am heartless because I cared too much. I learned that I never healed by wounding others. I am a human that have sinned and I am a sinner.

I believe that my worst sin is that I destroyed and betrayed myself for nothing. We all live three lives that are public, private and secret. It is love that makes you rich. The poor man who have love is richer than the wealthiest without love. My plan is to work while they sleep, learn while they party, save while they spend and then live like they dream. Time is your paper. Good deeds are your ink. Write well to make your life a poetry. Nobody is perfect.


American Life in Poetry: Column 757

We all do mistakes and the lesson we learn from it is the definition of us. For me people define themselves out of their personality and what they hide on the left side of their chest. My mind is old. We humans are actually much more interesting than what we are aware of.

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We act like we are afraid of heights when we actually are afraid of the fall. We act like we are afraid to swim when we actually are afraid to drown. Quick reminder You are beautiful. Take care. Why do I look for it in so many places? I wanna be bad. I want to not care about anybody. I want to care about everybody. Can you imagine the world if we only saw souls and not bodies?

Why do memories stay when all I want is to forget? Part II.


Some eyes are restless while others are in sleep, In meditating that which may or may not occur, So leave worrying as much as possible, As carrying the burdens of anxiety is madness, There is your Lord, who provided you with solutions to yesterday, And He will similarly provide for what is to come tomorrow. Baby girl you are fine. I loved you. You loved me. But it was complicated.

I died everynight missing you. You died everyday missing me We were so close, yet so far. Never showed anything to anywone, exept to eacother. Our love was big…but the problems were bigger.

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  • Now… I love you. You love me. Not even eacother. The clouds grazing my fingertips , Soft and fluffy.

    45 Short Poems to Sneak More Poetry Into Your Life

    We are Real. We create Magic when we look into each others eyes. And my husband and I were on our honeymoon.

    American Life in Poetry: Column 757

    We had just gotten married one week before, here in Texas. And we had this plan to travel in South America for three months. And at the end of our first week, we were robbed of everything. And someone else who was on the bus with us was killed. And it was quite a shake-up of an experience.