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This name will draw in quirky and delightful people, but on the other hand may also attract people who are obsessive and fatalistic. Symbolising enigma and compassion, Violet represents a color that was and is often reminded of by philosophers.

Color therapists encourage people to use Violet to soothe their emotions and calm the nerves. The lucky numbers for people with this name are 3, 6, 11, 29 and Based on numerology, for those whose birth year ends in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9, this name tends to bring more fortune and good luck. Sunday is the lucky day for people with this name.

In order to best use the energy of Sundays, one should focus on activities that promote self-reflection and that can enhance personal wellbeing. The November meaning concentrates on selection and boldness. This is the time to instigate change of spiritual and physical type. When channeled, the spiritual energy of November stimulates activities that unravel one's true character. The Carnelian is the lucky gemstone in the case of people named Seraphita.

This precious gem inspires one to work hard towards wealth and prosperity. Keeping a Carnelian stone close helps one cope with old feelings and understand their meaning. With a symbolism related to expansion and self-reliance, the Snake spirit animal encourages one to take full responsibility for their actions.

For people who have the Snake as the totem animal, utilizing every opportunity that comes their way is important. The Larkspur is the flower associated with this name. Its symbol stands for directness and life merriment. Larkspur reminds us of the importance of believing in ourselves and in what we are capable of. January 16, , AM. Share: Trap. Eida Goodman An enthusiastic numerologist, Eida has made it her purpose to shed light on the symbolism of names, beyond the basics of name origin.

That is one really strange little book. Well, it is not so strange when seen in the context of 19th century mystical trends here revoking also earlier works of Swedenborg , but still, this philosophical tractate thinly veiled as a novel is rather fascinating. It starts as an unusual love story: over a faraway cold Norwegian village, amidst natural phenomena both stunningly beautiful and mortally dangerous, stands a stone house.

There a beautiful young nobleperson lives almost alone, accompanied That is one really strange little book. There a beautiful young nobleperson lives almost alone, accompanied only by an elderly servant. Three other people, living in the nearby village, get to socialize with the young recluse: the village minister, his charming daughter Minna and Wilfrid, an active and energetic man in his mid-thirties, who travelled a lot and dabbled in various dangerous things on nearly all continents before settling in this faraway place.

And both Minna and Wilfrid are rather madly in love with their mysterious friend - only she thinks him a boy, Seraphitus, while he sees in her a girl, Seraphita. The rest is a long meditation on the nature of the world, angelic beings, God and humanity. And yes, it is not the easiest book to read and for a reader uninterested in this kind of speculation it would be rather - let's be frank - unreadable.

Still, an initial concept is fascinating and "Seraphita" lands on my little private list of 19th c. Apr 05, Jim rated it it was ok Shelves: balzac , religion , philosophy. The total oeuvre of Balzac contains some works that are among the greatest penned by mortal men. But the same Balzac, when he decides to philosophize, can be stinko to the max. I'm afraid that Seraphita will -- if you try too hard to follow it -- cause blood to flow copiously from both ears. As I wrote in my chapter summary for the Yahoo!

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Balzac group: There is something about how pr The total oeuvre of Balzac contains some works that are among the greatest penned by mortal men. Balzac group: There is something about how profundity is conveyed in fiction of the time which doesn't work today. I found the same problem with Ossian, whom I found unreadable.

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And I have not been kind to Balzac's other philosophical studies. It was to take a few decades before writers like Dostoyevsky and Kierkegaard and Nietzsche could write about ultimate things without launching into the Ultimate Boredom of the Spheres in which abstractions transcend Matter and Spirit, not to mention Word and Number and the Square Root of Minus One.

If I were to quote directly from Seraphita , I'm afraid of repercussions and lawsuits. No, it is best to let sleeping and soporific dogs lie. There can be no spoilers in a story in which nothing happens. View 2 comments. Sep 27, Jazelle rated it liked it. The language and sentence structure was very hard to comprehend.

In the first page alone, I had to search for at least four words like 'fiord. These subjects were tackled by presenting "Seraphita," the protagonist of this story. Becket contemplate about his doubt for God's existence. I suggest that you take your time reading this piece of work. Oct 03, Stephanie Jane Literary Flits rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction-europe , forgottenbooks , fiction-fantasy , religion.

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I thought I had better read a French book while we are in France and settled upon Honore de Balzac's Seraphita as I had downloaded it from ForgottenBooks ages ago and not yet gotten around to starting it. The edition begins with a lengthy introduction which discusses and explains the religious significance of Seraphita at great length.

This was so in depth and dull that I nearly didn't get through it's eighty-odd pages in order to start the novel itself!

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Seraphita is set in Norway and Balzac does I thought I had better read a French book while we are in France and settled upon Honore de Balzac's Seraphita as I had downloaded it from ForgottenBooks ages ago and not yet gotten around to starting it. Seraphita is set in Norway and Balzac does a fantastic job of describing the country, its landscape, seasons and the people of the isolated rural village where his story is set.

I loved reading these passages which actually advanced the story and would love to someday visit a similar remote fjord as it was so romantically presented. However, two long sections of the book are simply Seraphita expounding over many pages of monologue various religious doctrines and dogmas and I found these bits incredibly difficult to understand and to remain focused on.

The beliefs range across Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism amongst others, and also include mentions the beliefs of races of people on other planets such as Mars and Venus. It is all probably fabulously imagined but felt like sitting through a long harangue. Perhaps it would all make more sense to someone of the time as much of the science has now advanced far beyond that denounced by Seraphita as her proofs.

All in all, this is an odd book for me to have read and it is pretty much two books mashed together - one a lovely story and one a intensely detailed lesson!

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Este es un libro genial Ya para la mitad del libro, el tema comienza a aparecer y de ahi viene la gloria. No hay duda que hay que darle una chequeada a los textos de Swedenborg, tan citado en el libro. Este es un libro para leer var Este es un libro genial O nosotros somos Dios. O bien Dios no existe". Oct 18, June rated it it was amazing. I hope I can correct it as I get more to add. With Seraphita and Luis Lambert Balzac is attempting a totally different endeavour. He is turning to the Spirit world, opposite to the mondane world he is so used to speak fluently about.

It is being said Balzac possesed what a difficult review of a masterpiece and why is so. It is being said Balzac possesed what is called "Cosmic Consciousness" and with these 2 novels he indeed tries to portray 2 very different enlightened beings, Seraphita and Luis Lambert. May 10, Jukka added it.

But this is entirely different and ethereal.

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Although it's quite different i was reminded some of Brand by Ibsen. Delle ca. Francamente noioso e inconsistente dal punto di vista puramente letterario.

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  • Jun 20, Laroy Viviane rated it liked it. Seraphita est surprenant pour les lecteurs assidus de Balzac. Celui-ci prend la forme d'un roman initiatique sur l'amour. Jun 27, mahbub dilan rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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    To view it, click here. Kitap felsefik bir kitap. There are moments, quite rare in my life, when upon finishing a book I ask myself 'Should I stop here or should I go on reading the next thing on the list? What would be the point? Aug 15, Kevin Frane rated it liked it. This is the first time I've read anything by Balzac, and I wonder if maybe this wasn't the right choice to get a proper first impression of his work.