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My interests were peaked in several areas. This book is very good at building suspense.

I was led with a trail of bread crumbs. Then It sprung on me. The things that were sprung were imaginative, complex, and even though this is Science Fiction, they felt real.

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As I implied, his characters are real. It is your neighbor. It is the guy you work with. It is your pal.

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It is the guy in the bowling alley. They are built with dimensions. They have real detail. And that makes the imagination, this space opera real.

And these characters, alien and human, each have individual differences like us Humans in the Real World. Just like the fact that we learn. We grow and they grow.

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They have the potential to grow into a community. A good, uplifting, questioning book. April 3, - Published on Amazon. But fans of his kaiju works will find a lot of overlap in terms of themes and content. One of the things I'm frequently struck by in Coronelli's work is the author's belief or a desire to believe in a diverse group of people being accepting and doing the right thing in the end.

For the kaiju novels, I made the comparison to famed Godzilla director Ishiro Honda, who repeatedly showed all of mankind coming together to defeat a common threat to the planet. With Big Egg, we still get that sense of hope, but there's an added underlying current of dread as well. Something wicked this way comes. And though it's never spelled out as a good vs.


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In the sci-fi novel, we follow a small group of people who are stationed on a Mars colony. They share Mars with strange alien beings that we don't get along with. A violent mishap leads to even more strained relations with the Mars humans and aliens, but that soon takes a backseat to the happenings of Earth The planet Earth, our homeworld, explodes into a million pieces and from the cracking planet comes forth a 'hatchling' of enormous size.

It's an evil, hateful being that has birthed itself from the planet like a chick cracking its egg. And now this bouncing baby is on its way to Mars, looking to cause more destruction. The last remaining humans must try to mend fences with their Mars alien neighbors, while also questioning if the aliens had anything to do with the space giant, in an attempt to survive its coming arrival. It's like Coronelli took a look at the space baby from A Space Odyssey and said, 'what if this guy was as big as a planet and a bit of a jerk?

The author also plays with some 'western in space' ideas as the chief law enforcement officer on Mars tries to rally her troops and unite a colony against a coming threat. But it's the hatchling that's my favorite thing about the book. Just looking in its eyes puts bad ideas in people's heads.

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It's an evil, hateful creature that defies reason -- and I found the driving ideas behind it truly unsettling in many chapters. Big Egg is full of big new ideas. From the mech action, to alien colonists, to the giant evil space monsters, fans of science fiction will find a lot to like. In addition to the genre content, Big Egg offers some thoughts on tolerance, mental health, and getting to know another culture in order to improve a shared society. Favreau returns to direct Downey Jr as the man in the metal suit. As expected, the action is big, bold and brash, the first appearance of Rourke in his Whiplash guise at the Monaco Grand Prix is a masterpiece of flying debris and crackling electricity.

Ritchie's long-awaited, high-octane action interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary hero. Wright makes a splashy stateside debut with this true-life drama about an unexpected friendship between world-weary LA journalist Steve Lopez Downey Jr and homeless musician Nathaniel Ayers Foxx. This isn't a bad effort, but it falls well short of the greatness it clearly aspires to.

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Kidnapped by…. While filming a war movie, three Hollywood actors become embroiled with a heroin cartel run by a tyrannical year-old Brandon Soo Hoo and are forced to become the soldiers they are portraying. Like Stiller's previous directorial efforts, 'Tropic Thunder' looks like it has been plotted by a child simpleton but most of…. Teenager Charlie's a joker who manufactures fake IDs and deals his prescribed anti-depression drugs to his classmates, craving popularity to compensate for a fractured family life.

True life crime thriller which follows Inspector David Toschi Ruffalo and alcoholic journalist Paul Avery Downey Jr as they try to discover the identity of the Zodiac killer. As the quest ruins the careers of all involved in it, San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist Robert Graysmith Gyllenhaal begins to unravel the…. Three internationally feted directors each contribute to a trilogy of half hour films about erotic love: 'The Hand', 'Equilibrium' and 'The Dangerous Thread of Things'.

An enticing prospect, but this portmanteau project veers from the sublime to the ridiculous, with Antonioni's effort an excruciating embarrassment. The love triangle plot with Downey Jr and Burrell is too silly to fully engage, but its…. Montiel's factually liberal adaptation of his own allegedly true biographic novel is based around two narratives: the young Dito LaBeouf , growing up in s New York and an older Dito Downey Jr returning years later.

An untidy film about fathers, family, guilt, escape and poverty that can be pat and a little gauche…. The interpolated rotoscoping technique by which animation is superimposed over live action, is put to innovative use in this adaptation of dark anti-authority fantasy from sci-fi author Philip K Dick. Linklater's creative use of animation fashions Dick's hallucinatory notions into a beautifully realised study of urban….