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An angled Guide Line can be created by dragging from the end of a Ruler. They can also be created around objects as discussed in a following section. Guide Lines can be translated and rotated using the mouse:. Both the Guide Line and anchor are moved. If dragged off the page, the Guide Line is deleted. Rotation is around the anchor. You must be a small distance away from the anchor for rotation to be enabled.

Angle snaps to multiples of the Rotation snap angle , 15 degrees, by default. Guide Lines can be precisely placed by using the Guide Line dialog, called up by double-clicking on a Guide Line.

The royal lawsuit against a British tabloid, and what Princess Diana has to do with it.

A check box toggles between absolute and relative placement. Different objects are converted in different ways. In each case, the selected objects are deleted unless the Keep objects after conversion to guides entry is checked in the Tools section of the Inkscape Preferences dialog. If a Group is selected, Guide Lines are drawn for each object in the Group , unless the Treat groups as a single object entry is checked in the Tools section of the Inkscape Preferences dialog.

A Grid is composed of two or three sets of evenly spaced parallel lines. It is often used to draw three-dimensional objects.

Grids can be created and edited on the Grids tab of the Document Properties dialog. To create a Grid , select the type Rectangular or Axonometric from the drop-down menu at the top of the dialog and then click on the New button. The parameters for the new Grid will then be editable under a tab in the bottom of the dialog. It is possible to have more than one Grid defined and in use.

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Each Grid will have a tab entry. If a Grid is not enabled, it will not be visible. However a Grid can be enabled and not visible. This setting overrides the settings on the individual Grid tabs. Note: There is no visual indication whether this overall setting is on or off if the visibility of the individual Grids are all set off. Note also that, depending on the zoom scale, not all Grid lines are shown.

For both types of Grids , the Grid unit can be selected from a drop-down menu and the Grid origin can also be specified. For Rectangular Grids , the x and y spacing can be set independently. For Axonometric Grids the x and z spacings are derived from the y spacing and the angle settings. In both cases the color of the lines can be set by clicking on the color box and making changes in the dialog that pops up. The default Grid parameters can be modified in the Grids section of the Inkscape Preferences dialog. See: Wikipedia entry. Free web analytics, website statistics.

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Warning This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0. Snap tab in the Document Properties dialog. Global control for bounding box snapping. If enabled, bounding box corners are always snap points. Note that edges are never snap points. If enabled, selected nodes are always snap points. Snap to paths must be enabled for this option to be enabled.

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This includes straight line segments on either Shapes or paths. The same point as the center of the bounding box. Rectangles and Boxes : Guide Lines are drawn along edges, even when rotated, if the Conversion to guides uses edges instead of bounding box box is checked under the Rectangle or 3D Box sections in the Inkscape Preferences dialog. Otherwise the bounding box is used.


Paths: A Guide Line is drawn along each straight line segment. Hi Pat, Just keep in mind that for future updates you'll need to modify that piece of code again. For now we'll be keeping that change. You can also fork our repository and keep your changes, so anyone can just download your version. Best regards. Hi Mr Blackboard I don't know your name , Thanks for this good remark. I already work in my own repo to be able to keep my changes and apply yours I tried to understand the change your team made, but I don't.

Do you have a page explaining and showing the issue? Paul Vincent. I've just successfully installed Snap 3. Can anyone comment on whether any issues have been identified running Snap 3. Sorry, ignore my last post - the messaging system doesn't work in Snap. Otherwise all seems to work well, including Media in feedback aside from minor css glitches.

Marcel Roe. Are there any plans to release a version for Moodle 3.

Joseph Liaw. Quick question for the Snap community: As students get enrolled in more and more courses, I noticed that Snap creates a "Courses" link at the top of the Dashboard, and then "", "", etc. Does anyone know what determines which courses show up where in the Dashboard? Is it the course start date? End date? Short name alphabetically? Thanks for sharing such an innovative, user-friendly theme which maximizes learning with an intuitive user experience!!

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Paul Raper. What I don't like about snap is that all the important course information such as calendar, additions etc. Given that research suggests that most students find this information the main reason for using an LMS, it seems to defeat that objective. Jacqueline Le Bourhis.

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Hello, Can the 'My Courses' display as the default upon login Kind regards, jacqueline. But when you click on it; it loads and nothing happens. Can you help me please? I am disappointed, thank you in advance. Hu Julie-Anne. This has been tested as part of our usual release processes and works fine. Could you please give more details on your site's context and hosting variables? About other questions. Yes, we'll be releasing a version for 3.

Really enjoying Snap's stripped back and modern aesthetic, it's part of what brought me back to Moodle a couple of years back. One feature I'd love to see and this isn't a specific gripe about Snap, but it feels more prominent in Snap is to have a choice of where activity navigation buttons take me as a student. Snap's visuals encourage better use of the section pages, and having to use the breadcrumb to get back to that easy to use layout is pretty much my only remaining gripe with Snap - although as I said, I know this is really a Moodle issue.

Many thanks for all your work! Josh Mans.