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He died in your arms. He turned cold. In the background, their voices continue, "He died. Grandma opens her eyes for the first time. The memory of Grandpa falling off of the lighthouse is seen.

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He lives as long as I remember him! An elderly male voice begins saying, "You don't have to Where Grandma once sat, sits a little girl. She smiles, saying, "I knew you were alive! A memory is shown while the teenagers talk. A teenage Grandma and Grandpa can be seen on the edge of a cliff. He walks over to her, carrying a plant with two blue flowers.

They hold it together and watch it bloom. Grandpa as a man is sitting at his seat. Grandma as a woman is sitting at hers. He says, "You know, I finally found another one for the first time in a century! It was on the wall at the top! Grandpa is reaching for the hochi flower.

He has it in his hand, but it's too late. He falls off the lighthouse. I doubt it is. Let me do it.

I should be going now. Alarmed, Grandma crawls over the table to him, hugging him. She's passed over his half of the table. Kaiba jumps away from the table as the couple sink together. Kaiba starts running to the hole he crawled in through in the beginning. Grandma's voice can be heard, telling Kaiba, "If you want our precious treasure, go to the top of the lighthouse. I feel sorry for those kids. The world's the same all over, big or small. What truly matters is the size of your heart. They climb into the door at the top. Grandma sits down in front of the lighthouse. Grandpa runs over to stand next to her.

It's a picture of them. Another picture of them: Grandpa, Grandma, and their daughter in front of the lighthouse. A picture of Bori and Kera as babies. A picture of Grandma as a young girl, holding a hochi flower by the lake. A box is seen with all of the pictures inside, as well as Bori and Kera's pacifiers, a dried hochi flower, a ring, earrings, and glasses. The two brothers pick them up in utter disappointment.


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Margaret's poems have been in print previously, and therefore are not eligible for inclusion in the list. Nikki Slade-Robinson Huia. Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson Scholastic. Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy , ill. Margaret's poem has been in print for many years and therefore not eligible for inclusion in the list. However the panel considers Bubble Trouble to be a treasure for New Zealand children. Jack by Mike and Esther Fitzpatrick, ill. Bruce Madden JacksBooks. For a self-published book, the design and production values are worthy of special mention. Rebecca Cundy Random House. John Ward Knox Random House.

Is Your Grandmother a Goanna? The Bean's Story by Tatiana Aslund, ill. Vasanti Unka Scholastic New Zealand. Loudmouth Productions Huia Publishers. No Room for a Mouse by Kyle Mewburn , ill. Freya Blackwood Scholastic Australia. Reed , ill.

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Jenny Cooper Reed, now Raupo Publishing. The stories were first published in as Fairy Tales from the Pacific Islands. The panel considers this edition, with new illustrations, to be a treasure for New Zealand children.

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Snake and Lizard by Joy Cowley , ill. Hideout by Lorraine Orman Longacre Press. Rubbish by Rachael Goddard, ill. Debbie Tipuna Reed, now Raupo Publishing. A Present from the Past by Jennifer Beck , ill. Lindy Fisher Scholastic New Zealand. Greedy Cat and the Sneeze by Joy Cowley , ill. Jacqui Colley Trapeze. Itiiti's Gift by Melanie Drewery, ill. Fifi Colston Reed.

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Down the Back of the Chair by Margaret Mahy , ill. Polly Dunbar Frances Lincoln. Shooting the Moon by V. Jones HarperCollins. Ross Kinnaird. Bruce Potter. HarperCollins Publishers. What is on Top? Suzy Brown Reed.

Where's the Gold? Nobody's Dog by Jennifer Beck , ill. The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera , ill. Bruce Potter Reed Publishing. Marta and the Manger Straw by Virginia Kroll, ill. The Waka by Jean Prior, ill.

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