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See all 5 pre-owned listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Sold by thrift. About this product Product Information At first, Jean Suttman thought she had died and gone to Heaven when she was granted the opportunity to study in Rome.

Seventh Sinner - Unchained

But the body that's lying in the ancient subterranean Temple of Mithra-the murdered corpse of a repulsive and disliked fellow student-isn't her idea of heavenly. Now she is truly frightened, not just because small "accidents" seem to be occurring around her with disturbing regularity. It's the ever-increasing certainty that someone, for some unknown reason, is ruthlessly determined to do her harm.

Jean's innocent underground excursion into a sacred pagan place has trapped her in something dark and terrifying, and even the knowledge that practical, perceptive fellow American Jacqueline Kirby is on the case won't ease her fears. Because there's only so far Jean Suttman can run. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. Pre-owned Pre-owned. See all 5. Compare similar products. You Are Viewing. Trending Price New. Show less Show more. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

The Seventh Sinner: A Jacqueline Kirby Novel of Suspense - Elizabeth Peters - Google книги

Most relevant reviews. Not Her Best I like this author very much, but this is a mystery about a group of people who are studying archeology in Rome. With its nearly invisible housekeepers and plethora of pets, Ellie feels right at home. But when she opens an antique book about the town's aristocracy, she finds disturbing secrets that extend to her own family.

Elizabeth Jones, vacationing from her New York publishing job, is off to do touristy things in Denmark: gawk at the Little Mermaid, stroll in the Tivoli The plane ride itself had turned out to be Kismet, introducing Elizabeth to her idol, Nobel Prize-winning historian and famed eccentric Margaret Rosenberg and her long-suffering son, Christian. Jessica Tregarth goes to England to visit her grandfather; an invitation that surprises and pleases her. The only link she has with her dead father's family is an antique ring he brought with him to America.

This will be a chance to learn more about who she is; it will be fun.

The Seventh Sinner: A Jacqueline Kirby Novel of Suspense

Dinah Van der Lyn hears the cries for help through her hotel room wall, cries in English in the middle of Beirut. She thinks the men are simply drunk and fighting. Her mistake is the first step on an odyssey of terror that will take Dinah to the fabled cities of Sidon, Tyro, Damascus.

Surrounded by towering pyramids on Mexico City's Walk of the Dead, a frightened yet resolute young woman searches for a perilous truth and for the beloved parent she thought was gone forever. But there are dark secrets lurking in the shadows of antiquity, a conspiracy she never imagined, and enemies who are determined that Carol Farley will not leave Mexico alive. From the moment she stepped into the pagan darkness and discovered the corpse of the repulsive Albert, one of her fellow students, she was afraid.

Not even the comforting presence of the perceptive and practical Jacqueline Kirby could erase the fear which was nourished by one small accident after another. Someone was stalking Jean, someone ruthless and determined. Before long she could see no chance of rescue from the ever-present terror Elizabeth Peter's novels that feature Kirby are both entertaining and full of twists.

The plots are much easier to follow in an audio book than her somewhat ponderous Egyptian series with Peabody. Kirby adds a quirky humorous anti-heroine slant, taking the endangered young art history student Jean under her protection when she becomes a target for a murderer.

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Peters makes very believable the group of students who are at once competitors and allies in their desire to get continued funding for their studies in Rome. Ancient art history and those who spend their lives exploring it are both much more accessible in this story. Even my teenage son wanted to listen when I had it on in the car. I rather hated for the book to end, and wish Peters' later novels were more like this one. Wow, was the narrator, Grace Conlin, bad. Dana was English, the accent varied. Jacqueline and Jean were one voice.

The chapters numbers repeated for some odd reason. Pass on anything from this narrator. I really struggled with the story due to the poor narration. Took me a month for a 6 hour book. Normally I'm buying extra credits but not this month. I typically have a unequivocal requirement that her stories be read by Barbara Rosenblat. I broke my rule and suffered. In fact I'm returning book 2 and possibly this one. I'm going through the Elizabeth Peters canon, and going from one of her last books the last Vicky Bliss to one of her first, the mastery of decades regrettably shows. The Seventh Sinner was okay for a long drive, but the third person narration and the bland heroine can I call her that, if she's nothing more than a victim?

https://europeschool.com.ua/profiles/gamiguqi/conocer-gente-dominicana.php Rather than continuing on to the next Jacqueline Kirby, I'm going to revisit all the Amelia Peabody's. This series follows the adventures of Jacqueline Kirby who is an eccentric, middle-aged librarian with a burgeoning penchant for romance and knack for criminal inquiry. Elizabeth Peters consistently produces publications containing dryly humorous and witty characters with one or two cornballs. Furthermore, her novels always contain a cornucopia of historical information making them enlightening as well as entertaining. The Jacqueline Kirby series adheres to this formula and is a fantastic way to kill a few hours at the gym or on a road trip.

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A fun romp from Ms Peters with the usual dollop of history. I enjoyed it very much. I also enjoyed Grace Colin's narration.

Seventh Sinner: A Jacqueline Kirby Novel of Suspense (Jacqueline Kirby Series)

She does a fine Jacqueline Kirby. A nice little mystery with an ending I didn't guess as well. Entertaining, not as enjoyable as the Amelia Peabody series but still a enjoyable light listen. She tries to do voices for all the characters which I generally prefer, but her accents are truly terrible. I have to say the "performance" on this one left me cold.

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It wasn't performed, merely read in a flat, uninteresting voice, with very little on the way of emotion, voices or interest in the story. If the rest of the series is read by this same person, I may not go on.