Judas, the Son

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Professor Yana opens the fobwatch of his own accord, and his disease forces his body to regenerate. To his delight, the Doctor himself has put a chameleon arch on, and is currently an English teacher in a stuffy s boarding school called Dr. John Smith. November, Rose Tyler knew it wouldn't be easy to protect the Doctor from bloodthirsty aliens. She finds out it's not any easier to protect a daredevil professor on a quest for mythological artifacts in the middle of a world war.

Especially when said professor becomes just as bloodthirsty as his enemies. The Doctor has turned himself human to escape the Family, entrusting Donna to look after him. With the help of Martha, things have run smoothly for a month. Not only have Donna and Martha got the Family to deal with, but they also have the unexpected addition of John Smith falling in love with one Rose Tyler. The Family of Blood is after the Doctor, and it's up to Martha Jones to keep him safe after he disguises himself with the Chameleon Arch.

The technology's name turns out to be more literal than expected.

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The Doctor and Martha are tracking 'the family of blood' and end up in the year where the family is hiding and waiting. Now the only way to find and stop them is for the Doctor to make himself half human and conceal his Time Lord essence in a fob watch while posing as a teacher name John Smith and Martha as his maid. While investigating he falls in love with a young maid name Clara but he can't let her know he's an alien without risk getting captured. It is very apparent right away that the author has put a lot of work into the amazing world that she has created.

Its definitely one of the more interesting and original books that I've read about witches a Blood Rose is such an amazing book in a genre that is somewhat crowded these days. Its definitely one of the more interesting and original books that I've read about witches and vampires. Sometimes when writers make a book about both one of them doesn't seem as well developed in the storyline but Danielle Rose has managed to make both of them not only the shared focus of Blood Rose but she has done it flawlessly. Both of their separate races are explained very well and the story flows beautifully.

The descriptions in the book are done so well that you're pulled right into the story. I loved Avah, the heroine.

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  4. Blood Rose (Blood Books, #1) by Danielle Rose.
  5. She definitely grew as a person throughout the book. And Jasik, her love interest- oh Jasik The supporting characters were equally likable. I especially liked the other Hunters- Malik Jasik's brother , and Jeremiah. I think I will like Lillie more when she and Avah get closer i.

    I have a feeling that and I hope she will warm up to Avah more as time goes on. The plot of the story was definitely unlike any I've read and I loved that! The types of creatures are familiar but original and the story is it's own. I couldn't predict what would happen next and I prefer it that way. There were twists and turns- the story was never flat or boring and the pacing was just right.

    I just wish there was more!

    Couple who fed live fox cubs to hounds to ‘give them a taste for blood’ avoid jail

    I need more! The ending left me wanting more but in the best possible way! Blood Rose is truly a gem! I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review. Blood Rose did not read like a debut to me, not even as a first book in a series. The book was FULL of action and hairpin turns. I felt like I was battling alongside Avah and wanted to be as kickass as she is.

    The breakneck pace kept me engaged but I felt like Rose expected a bit more than usual from the reader. At only pages, I felt like an editor had hacked away any possible drama and I wanted more pages!

    The Blood Rose (1970) - Trailer

    My kind of paranormal read, witches and vampires just dripping with action. Decisions must be made and so she did, now the truth unfolds can she accept it? What was instilled in her will it matter in the end? Now that's a good question and getting to the matter of things became the thrill for me.

    Poor thing torn with a past life and befuddled with the present. One part I had to laugh at, "The willing? Why are they so willing anyway? A My kind of paranormal read, witches and vampires just dripping with action. Are you offering immortality as a perk to being an on-call meals-on-wheels or something? I received a free book from the author through a giveaway. Thank you so much, Darlene Cruz This book was fast paced, get ready for whiplash.. It's Monday again and March has just ended. Another month is here. Another new beginning, another chance to start over, just like this story.

    The main character is in a way forced to leave home and start over in a way far different from what she knew.

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    She had to live and trust strangers because the worst thing happened. She had become what she hunted and loathed the most. Guessing from the title, you wouldn't think this is a paranormal story but the cover does say that it is. With that ball of li It's Monday again and March has just ended. With that ball of light, it's kind of a giveaway, right?

    The main character, Avah, was the chosen one of her people. She was supposed to lead and be the most powerful witch. One who can master all the elements but that changed. And now, she felt so alone and abandoned by her family. Cast out because she failed them. Now, she's forced to live like the people she was born to destroy and she's one of them now.


    Starting Rose Seeds: Growing Roses From Seed

    There's no turning back. What a cruel fate, right? Yes, this book is another vampire versus witches story but what sets it apart is the part that Avah could still be the chosen one of her people. She could still be what she was meant to be. Only now, she's got a boost. She's a better version of herself even if it's not what she wanted. She had to live and the choice presented itself, so she took it. I guess, this is just how her life is meant to be. This is how fate wanted it to be and she had to learn the new way to live to prove to her family that she's still the same though physically she's not anymore.

    There are a lot of surprises in this story. Even the ending was a surprise and it explained the title which to me is a revelation in itself.

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    How Avah's character had to grow here is very interesting. How she had to embrace a new way of life yet still feel like she could still be her old self and tap into those abilities is very important. The core of her being, her essence, is still there and that's what makes her so dangerous and deadly. As I have said, she got a boost and now her abilities as a witch just got intensified and amplified. This is a very interesting and engaging start to a very intense series. Avah's character transformation alone is already very powerful and this book just started.

    What more could it offer in the next installment? What revelations could it still unravel? Yes, I am expecting to be blown away in the next book. I expect the same intensity, if not, more. From here on, I don't know how the story would go or turn. I can't get a glimpse of the mind of the author. This is beyond me.